Wait Lists

Initial wait list settings are done on the class level, but once registration begins should be managed in SSOL. By design, student transactions in SSOL waitlists can only be initiated by the students themselves. As administrators, we cannot place students onto an SSOL waitlist, change the order or sequence of students on a waitlist, or consolidate separate waitlists.

Departments should alert ineligible enrollees that they will be dropped from a course roster. Unlike waitlist transactions, students may be dropped from rosters--write to the Student Service Center ([email protected]) or the Office of the Registrar ([email protected]) to request that ineligible students be removed from rosters.

Please see https://registrar.columbia.edu/content/wait-lists-ssol for more information on managing your wait lists. 



Wait List Guidelines

Wait List Errors

Students at this stage should use the post-Add/Drop tool in SSOL to conduct registration changes. If they are no longer able to use that tool, we recommend that they consult with their advisor or Advising Dean.


If students are enrolled in a course due an error in the Enrollment Status in Course Management (ie, accidentally selecting Open Enrollment rather than Registration Block) students must drop the section and join the waitlist once it is correctly activated.